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dpbhlWe are just a few short weeks away from the Third DPBHL All-Star Day. The Tier 2 team is almost assembled. Let's name the final members of this star studded team.

With the goaltending and backend filled out lets finalize the front line. Speed is essential and who better than Islander forward Mike Balaban and his breakaway speed to back up the Titans defence rush after rush. After a remarkable first year in the DP Tier 2 division the Toronto Hitmen will be rewarded with two forward positions, Sean Duggan and power forward Nelson Soares will add both grit and depth to the front line. From the Mississauga Flash their leading goal scorer Rocco Marinaccio will certainly add another layer of scoring to this high potent lineup. Representing the Pit Demons this classy veteran has had many battles at the Tier 2 level and will be the vocal leader on the bench and in the dressing room, from the Pit Demons forward Tony Pagliaroli will grace the All-Star team with his presence. The heart and soul of the Vaughan Pylons and making his second All-Star appearance is Justin Rita. Finally from the Division leading TBB their Captain TJ Stovell who the Titans will remember from his game one overtime winner will round out the lineup for the Downsview Park Tier 2 All-Star Team.

The only way to describe this lineup is awesome! If you ever wanted to see the best of the best from the DP Tier 2 Division, January 26 is the day to come on out and support your favourite players and teams in this one day spectacle. The team now rests in the hands of Head Coach Mario Ventullo and his two assistants. Who will they pair together along the back end, what creative forward lines will they comprise? What about a Giustini-Kelly-M. Mallais line now that’s a line combo. Just think of the line combinations you could come up with. The game is only weeks away and the excitement is starting to build. See you there.

Peter Lorusso
Tier 2 Convener

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