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dpbhlWith less than two weeks away from the inaugural Masters All-Star game and only half the line-up announced let’s get things wrapped up and announce the remaining All-Stars that will take on the Falco Steelers in the confines of The Hangar.

Can't have a Masters all star team without some grit. That's why David Borsato from the Flyers, Rob Azzola from the Toronto Penguins and Lance Galbraith from the Weston Alumni have all earned their way to the all star team. These guys are individually key parts to their respective lineups to add some spark and I'm pretty sure they will do the same on this all-star team. Also being named to the All-Star team up front, Nick Tye from the Venetian Lions and teammate Mark Duchich will also be suiting up. They were a dangerous pair during the entire season and a few inches the other way in the finals and perhaps the Lions would have been playing the All-Star team. The last forward to be named to the team is wiley veteran, an a guy who has seen it all, Nelson Soares from the Toronto Jaguars.

On defence former Premier League standout and many National Champions under his belt is the reigning MVP defenceman Bobby Mentis from the Jaguars. With a touch of both offence and defence Bobby is a class act and is always matched up against the best line from the opposing teams. Also being named is his teammate Armando Iaboni. This guy makes you pay if you want to stand in front of the net and is solid on the blue line. Rounding out the D-men for the All-Stars will be Steve Campagna from the Lions. Steve had a great season for the Lions and was their best defenceman all season long.

To round off the All-Star team we gotta have another goalie and from the Jaguars Dave Marchione should add depth between the pipes. Dave has been always a challenge to beat in the Masters division and will surely be a great duo with Tony Iozzo.

So there you have it, the first ever Masters All-Star team. Good Luck gentlemen, have fun and most importantly remember the Falco Steelers probably beat you in the regular season or playoffs.

Abu Shaikh
Masters Commissioner

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