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Barrie FlyersAfter seven years as Commissioner not much surprises me anymore, I thought I had seen it all but the Winter Tier 2 season will go down as one of those years that NOONE will forget. After the usual intense, tight fight to the finish as the teams battled for playoff seeding, the dust settled on the final night of the season.

The number one seed landed to the Toronto Hitmen and they would draw the Greenbirds. The TBB slipped to number two and got a date with the Barrie Flyers in the QF round. In a rematch of the Fall SF the Toronto Titans and Vaughan Pylons would renew hostilities. And the third ranked Leafs Reloaded would get the young ML Warriors.

The QF series was a round full of surprises and upsets. The top three seeds all fell. The Greenbirds in a shocker of a series upset the Hitmen. The Leafs were eliminated eleven seconds into OT. The Titans beat the Pylons and the Flyers in a 32 man shootout would advance.

So the semi-finals matched up with the Warriors and Flyers meeting and the Titans and Greenbirds battling. After another hard fought round of games the Greenbirds and the Flyers would advance for the chance to be called Tier 2 Champions.

The number seven and eight seeded teams advanced to the final round, who would have thought that. The Barrie Flyers would not be outdone. They would come together and sweep the Greenbirds to win the Winter Tier 2 Championship. After starting the season at 2-6-2 many people counted this group out, but hard work and determination defeats all odds, this was proved in this season by the Flyers. The man who was vital to his team’s success and named Playoff MVP was Paul Talbot the Barrie Flyer Goaltender. Congratulations to Randy Kelly and the entire Barrie Flyers team on a well played and well deserved Championship. Good Luck in Halifax!

As another DP season comes to an end I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all the players, managers, coaches, spectators and staff that made the 2012 Fall and the 2013 Winter season two of the greatest seasons to date in the Tier 2 division. We are grateful and thankful for your continued support and commitment. Thank You Peter Lorusso

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