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Perri is back...the Red Wings win a sign of things to come?...Flash get by the Mr. Hyde 6-1 in a laugher...Bastone farm team beats the sinking Islanders 3-1...Titans, Hitmen win statement games...

Red Wings vs. Vaughan Pylons
Red Wings win Red Wings win...heard playing in the room after the game their new theme song "staying alive"...Perri’s back who let him in the building?...isn't he banned, fired, lost, suspended, doing humanitarian work in a third world country somewhere, any where?...feeling the season slipping away Perri brings out all the way from the USA Bobby Housser...he’s NO Giustini but he will have to do...ex Wings lose to new Wings 6-4...Giustini and Martello on one shift head to the wrong bench hoping no one would notice...Perri sends them packing back to the Pylons bench with a snarl on his face...

Mississauga Flash vs. Pit Demons
It must be an odd number day Mr. Hyde showed and the Demons get smashed...have the Flash even scored six goals for the season let alone in one game...JD looks’s even numbered day next Friday so whoever the Pit Demons play Good Luck the real team will show up...Flash are they really that good or that lucky a question that needs to be answered...

Bastone vs. Mississauga Islanders
A patch work lineup beats the Islanders 3-1...another disappointing loss and still no sign of Islander 83 upgrade alert to RED...M+M where were you, Thanksgiving wasn't until Sunday...Bastone keep pace with the front runners...the midpoint report card won’t be kind to the Island boys...the glass is either half full or half empty still got second half to turn things around...

Toronto Titans vs. North York Nordiques
A preview of a possible playoff match up...Titans teach the newbie’s a lesson as they pound six behind JD the second...veteran club that must be feared...Remo looked almost calm no sweating or pacing this night as Titans coast for most of the game...Nords still intrigue the GPB, there's something there that I just can’t put my finger on...

Leafs Reloaded vs. North York Hitmen
Pick Your Poison reminds me of a thief waiting to rob the bank before every game it must be that sly smile that fools everybody...Leafs unlucky as the goal scoring sticks were all left in the bar...Harris solid in another losing effort...with half games gone another team that needs to win and win fast...Hitmen keep coasting even missing many of their stars...

Final Thought
"Good things come to those who wait”

GPB Mid Season Report
Please Note: the GPB comments are all in good faith and in no means is to upset or demean anyone or any team. So if you understand that the comments are all in fun read on, if not have a nice day...

It’s that time again for the most anticipated report card you'll ever receive...with the passing of Thanksgiving the GPB will use that theme as a scoring grid...

A - Turkey, with the gravy
B - Chicken, almost there
C - Leftovers, needs work
D - Cranberries, HELP

The following categories will be graded:
1. Forwards
2. Defence
3. Goaltending
4. Coaching/Managing
5. Heart/Desire
6. Discipline
7. Overall

Leafs Reloaded
Forwards (Chicken) - Duchich veteran has snipers touch
Defence (Chicken) - Oliva a difference maker when he shows up
Goaltending (Chicken) - Harris can slam the door shut
Coaching (Chicken) - that guy is awesome even when he’s intoxicated
Heart (Chicken) - Mallais a born leader
Discipline (Turkey) - they need to play a little dirtier at back
Overall (Chicken) - record deceiving should rank alot higher

Mississauga Flash
Forwards (Chicken) - Flashes of brilliance
Defence (Leftovers) - need to tighten up coverage
Goaltending (Turkey) - duo keeps teams in most games
Coaching (Chicken) - Jumping Jack Flash gaining respect
Heart (Chicken) - never say die attitude
Discipline (Chicken) - composed most nights
Overall (Chicken) - could be sleeper team come playoffs

Mississauga Islanders
Forwards (Leftovers) - lacks true sniper
Defence (Leftovers) - struggle without MM #93
Goaltending (Chicken) - used to be the cream of the crop
Coaching (Chicken) - working with resources available
Heart (Leftovers) - Islanders 83 took the spark with him
Discipline (Turkey) - in control most nights
Overall (Leftovers) - a shell of the team we expected

North York Hitmen
Forwards (Turkey) - finds ways to win games
Defence (Turkey) - Azevado plays 28 minutes
Goaltending (Turkey) - Pillow pad man covers most of goal
Coaching (Turkey) – Gaetano Ventullo top minds in division
Heart (Chicken) - needs working on in big games
Discipline (Leftovers) - every call is usually debated
Overall (Turkey) - this could be their year

North York Nordiques
Forwards (Chicken) - a group that all chips in
Defence (Chicken) - solid six play tough most nights
Goaltending (Turkey) - JD the second the real deal
Coaching (Chicken) - a slew of helpers keep bench calm "almost" all the time
Heart (Turkey) - newbie’s showing tons of spunk
Discipline (Chicken) - have possibility of snapping at the drop of a dime
Overall (Chicken) - sticking to a final four projection

Pit Demons
Forwards (Chicken) - decent group can run with the pack
Defence (Leftovers) - lacks speed and age an issue
Goaltending (Turkey) - the original JD stands tall, except last game vs. Flash...BRUTAL
Coaching (N/A) - a team that walks to the beat of their own drums
Heart (Chicken) - proud group only gives up once they fall behind
Discipline (Chicken) - Defina only real loose cannon
Overall (Chicken) - JD will be reason if Pit Demons win a playoff round

Red Wings
Forwards (Leftovers) - 1-5 says it all, Gill, D’Ambrosio need to contribute
Defence (Chicken) - keeping games close
Goaltending (Chicken) - "Wen" Clarke would make any other team a contender
Coaching (N/A) - no coach
Heart (Leftovers) - with team leaders missing in action, looking for leader
Discipline (Leftovers) – Perri’s back bound to mean trouble
Overall (Leftovers) - Housser could get them to Turkey by the end

The Bastone
Forwards (Chicken) - built around youth and speed
Defence (Turkey) - when healthy better than the rest
Goaltending (Turkey) - Flegel may the best thing from the North since snow
Coaching (Chicken) - the other brother needs to get vocal
Heart (Chicken) - Novia is the beating pulse
Discipline (Chicken) - keep cool and penalty minutes down
Overall (Chicken) - scary first round opponents, handed Hitmen only loss to date

Toronto Titans
Forwards (Turkey) - can score with best of them when full complement of forwards show up
Defence (Chicken) - Kakish, Stavrou may be best tandem in division
Goaltending (Turkey) - Liakopoulos experienced keeper could push Titans over the top
Coaching (Chicken) - youth injection needed and better commitment from all
Heart (Turkey) - Arruda best Captain in division will lead by example
Discipline (Chicken) - can have their moments
Overall (Turkey) - experienced veteran group will be there when it counts

Vaughan Pylons
Forwards (Turkey) - snap, crackle and pop are unstoppable most nights
Defence (Turkey) - Zeppieri leads solid group
Goaltending (Leftovers) - offence only carries you so far in Playoffs
Coaching (Chicken) - tough task controlling young studs
Heart (Leftovers) - check egos at door and leader needs to emerge
Discipline (Cranberries) - racking up penalty minutes, keeps offence off floor
Overall (Chicken) - Giustini will carry them to semi-finals


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