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dpbhlEach season remarkable individuals are rewarded for their outstanding performances to their team’s success. This may be the most difficult decisions to make as there are dozens of worthy members who could win each award at their respective division. Congratulations to this year’s winners along with all the members that participated in the 2013 Fall Tier 2 Division.

Top Scorer
For the first time that I can remember a player other than a Vaughan Pylon has won the scoring title. This year’s winner amassing an outstanding 26 points is Daniel Ponce from the Falcons. This slick center man may dominate this category for years to come.

Coach/Manager of the Year
Leading his club to the division regular season title with a 9-2-3 record is Vito Lagani of the Falcons. After making the jump to Tier 2 the Falcons impressed running off a nine game unbeaten streak.
Honorable Mention - Mario Ventullo (TBB), Remo Settimo (Titans)

Top Defensemen
This year’s winner of the top defensemen is Dayton Sopha from the TBB. Dayton’s quick ball movement and speed keeps his team defensive end clear and his team on offence more often than not.
Honorable Mention - Chris Stavrou (Titans), Peter Angiolella (Falcons)

Top Goaltender
After starting the season at 0-5 this goaltender carried his team on his back leading them to a fourth place finish and a 6-1-2 record to close out the season. This session’s top goaltender is Justin Cruz of the Toronto Titans.
Honourable Mention - John DiNardo (Demons), Ralph Pellicori (TBB)

Top Forward
Arguably the most explosive and dynamic forward in the division this season was Marcel Mallais of the Leafs Reloaded. This youngster at the young age of 18 dominated and finished second in league scoring with 22 points to earn top forward recognition.
Honourable Mention - Dillu Kalhar (Islanders), Andrew Sisi (Falcons)

Once again I would like to thank and congratulate all the winners along with all the players, coaches and staff that made the Downsview Park Tier 2 division a success.

Peter Lorusso
Tier 2 Commissioner

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