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DPBHL All-StarJanuary 25, 2014! Mark that date on your calendars as the "Fantastic Four 2014 All Star Day" group of games will take place inside The Hangar.

Here is the tentative schedule of games:
1:00pm: Venetian Lions vs. Masters All Stars
2:20pm: Metro Orangemen vs. Premier All Stars
3:40pm: Barrie Flyers vs. Tier 2 All-Stars
5:00pm: Vaughan Flames vs. Tier 3 All Stars

Here are the final selections for the 2014 All Star Day games. Stay tuned as more imformation, news, sponsors and more names may be announced. We hope you all have a fantastic 2014!

Vaughan Flames beware. The Tier 3 All Star team is incredible. GM Pino Panza has assembled a crew with all the skills and tools necessary to defeat their counterparts. With the goaltenders in place the defence was next on the agenda. From the Shaolin Monks this stay at home defencemen may be the best man to man marker in the division. Thrust into all pressure packed situations Salih Azmi will bring his reputation and experience as he makes his All Star debut. Rounding out the blue liners from the Garage Guys is Chris Lioulios. Another hard working, stay at home d-man will be relied on to stop the Flames top scorers. Forwards will need a leader both on the floor and in the dressing room and who better than the Captain of the Garage Guys Adam Perri. The Shaolin Monks had an outstanding season offensively and two of their forwards will be rewarded with All Star nods. Both Aadil Patel, with his speed and shot, and Hassan Badreddine, with his size and strength, will wear their jerseys with pride as the line up on the day of Stars. Referred to as a spark plug from the Toronto Phantoms Mario Cieslak will be just that igniting this club with his youthful enthusiasm. Michael Petruccelli of the Young Guns will make his first of many All Stars appearances and his offensive skills and size will be on full display. From the Rage the best of the best will include Luke Rubino. His goal scoring touch and nose to the net can scorch even the best of the goaltenders out there. Will the Flames be distinguished or will the Flames continue to roar?

With the Metro Orangemen still enjoying their undefeated regular season record the All Stars better bring their “A” game. With the days winding down here is the balance of the Premier All Star team handpicked by Head Coach Angelo Gaetano to win one game and one game only. Rounding out the defence will be a pair of Vaughan Pylons. Daniel Clarke and Trent Gaudon will bring their intensity and heavy slap shots to the equation. Clarke has experience playing against the best as he also lined up for team Great Britain at this year’s World Championships in Toronto and his youthful enthusiasm will be key in defeating the Orangemen. Returning to the All Star game is Joe Meleca from the North York Hitmen. This steady and reliable d-man has had success in the past defending against the Orangemen and may be the shadow Gaetano deploys to keep super sniper Ricardo Pires at bay. With the defence all lined up the forwards will now be completed. From the Vaughan Red Wings Anthony Metallo will bring all his tools to the table. His size, speed and intensity make him one of the most desirable forwards in the Premier today and a must on any All Star team. Peter Bello from the North York Hitmen brings his power forward type game to the table. He can be relied on in all roles. From the Pylons a pair of line mates will suit up together as Frank D’Ambrosio and Vince Capone will do their best to help in the main goal of beating the Orangemen. Both of these players own outstanding offensive skills and must be covered tightly or they will find a way to score from almost anywhere on the floor. From the Toronto Thunder the Captain Danny Filice will bring his big slap shot with him as it’s one of the most feared shot’s in the sport today. With line mates Mass Principe and Paul Duarte already lining up Filice will make the Thunder’s top line reality. The final forward is a young up and comer who has opened many eyes around the division. From the North York Hitmen Kodi Hollingsworth has played his way onto this year’s All Star team. Rounding out the twosome in goal for the Premier All Stars will be Anthony Ferrante from the Vaughan Red Wings. Ferrante is red hot in league play leading his club to three straight victories and positioning his team for a late season run to make the playoffs. Between Ferrante and Dave Clarke the All Stars will be solid in goal. With the team in place the only question left is how will Gaetano deploy his troops against the Orangemen? With a mind like his the PP units and line combinations are endless and I for one can’t wait as the Orangemen will certainly have their hands full with this group looking to do what no other team has been able to due over the last three months and that’s beat the Orangemen. I encourage anyone who enjoys watching Premier Ball Hockey at its best to come out and watch this game.

With the announcement of the final eight players to the Masters All Star team the Venetian Lions better be well prepared. They will have their hands full with this group of All Stars. Finalizing the backend will be two players that are making a return to the All Star game. Last year’s Captain Gino Nicoli from the Flyers and his heavy shot and power play specialties will join Armando Iaboni from the Toronto Jaguars who brings his size and strength back to the team. Also added to the team will be Nicoli’s teammate Anthony Costa. Anthony brings his offensive spunk from the back end and great one on one play to try and stop the Lions off the score sheet. Rounding out the D will be Rob Quaglietta from the Giant Shooters. "Quags" brings his leadership and one hundred and fifty percent work ethic to the table. The front line will bring some veteran work horses to the team. We add Nick Canalli from the Toronto Jaguars, Walter Fantin from the Weston Alumni and Dave Pagliaro. All three men will bring hard work and grit along with a scoring touch. The Lions d-men will be in tough trying to contain these men. And last but certainly not least the Jaguars heart and soul Dennis Bettencourt will be on hand as he and his teammates try and dethrone the Fall Champions Venetian Lions.

It’s time to complete the team that will try and taste victory. The Barrie Flyers better be ready this team has been built to win. With only three spots left on the back end the choices are getting tougher and tougher. The next defenceman to take his spot among the elite is Dayton Sopha from the TBB. This young and dynamic superstar was also named Top Defenceman of the season and his speed will be a pivotal part of keeping the ball out of his end and pushing the pace up the floor. From the Toronto Titans this next defencemen not only adds a physical aspect to the lineup he also has contributed with timely offence that helped the Titans reach their ultimate goal Tyler Cruz will line up on January 25th as an All Star for the first time. Rounding out the defence will be Mimmo Servello from the Leafs Reloaded. This veteran defenceman is as calm, cool and collected a defencemen you will ever come across. His vision of the floor is in an elite class of its own. With the defence fully named it’s time to name the final wave of forwards. He capped off a remarkable regular season by winning the MVP of the post season. Toronto Titans Captain Jason Arruda will be making his second appearance on an All Star team as he captained the 2011 All Star team to victory. This next individual has been referred to as the best player in Tier 2 and his production validated this statement. Andrew Sisi from the Falcons will be joining this group of superstars and will be relied on to fill the net. From the TBB he’s big and strong and is the true definition of a power forward Frank Costa will make his All Star debut. Jimmy Nistas from the Toronto Hitmen will take his rightful spot among the stars. With victory a must Nistas was lights out basically carrying his team all the way to the finals doing whatever it took to secure victory and the same will be asked of him at the All Star game. Can you just imagine the line combinations Head Coach Vito Lagani can put together? How about Nistas with Arruda on one side and Sisi on the other wing what a dangerous and exciting trio they make. Ponce centering Mallais and Costa. Wow the combinations are endless. Congratulations to this year’s Tier 2 All Stars and we’re all counting down the day’s until these twenty two unite and become one of the best teams ever floored.

Congratulations to all players on their selections and we can't wait to see you all on January 25 when we celebrate the game and its players.

Peter Lorusso
ASD Committee Chair

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