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premierbhlnwtThe Premier Division recognizes individuals who achieve and succeed up and above expectations. This year there was many fine individual accomplishments that required recognition. The following are your Premier award recipients for the 2014 summer season.

Leading Scorer
This year’s Leading Scorer was Frankie Giustini of the Vaughan Sharks who accumulated a remarkable 36 points in 13 games. Frankie scored 25 goals and added 11 assists to top all other scorers. This young sniper has many more scoring titles waiting to be won at the Premier level.

Coach of the Year
Calling the shots behind a Premier bench may be the toughest position in the sport today. The Barrie Flyers saw themselves finish in third spot and compete with the best teams in the province during the regular season. The man behind the bench Darryl Horlock pushed all the right buttons in his inaugural season and was rewarded as the 2014 Coach of the Year winner.

President’s Award
The President’s award is granted to an individual who shows respect, perseverance and dedication to the sport of Ball Hockey. The 2014 winner is a classy individual who comes and gives it his all whenever the jersey is pulled over his shoulders. A man with a smile and a supreme spirit Randy Kelly of the Barrie Flyers is the 2014 President’s Award winner.

Top Defenseman
Playing defense in the Premier division is a tough task to ask of many. With all the talented forwards you must face night in night out there is never an easy shift. The 2014 winner is Adam Carreria of the Metro Orangemen, who over the years has matured and grown into the top defender in the Premier Division.

Top Goaltender
The goalie is the last line of defense for any club. A good goaltender sees your club excel in any sport and especially Ball Hockey. This year’s winner sported and amazing 10-3-1 record and a 2.31 GAA with two shut outs leading his club to regular season first place finish. This year’s recipient is Anthony Flores of the Metro Orangemen.

Top Forward
Being recognized as a top position player comes with the pressure of coming to the rink every night ready to lead your club. You’re the one player that puts all the gears in motion the engine that pushes the train. This year’s winner is Anthony Luciani from the Vaughan Red Wings.

Rookie of the Year
Each season many new faces take their shot at impressing at the Premier level. This individual took full advantage of his opportunity and also led his club in scoring. The 2014 Rookie of the Year is Anthony Loveless of the Brampton Express.

League MVP
Competing at the highest level takes a special individual. An individual who works through adversity and when needed will carry his club on his shoulders. You must be the entire package and represent the Premier Division with class and perseverance. A positive presence both on and off the floor, he excelled finishing second in league scoring with 29 points scoring 20 goals in the process. With a smile on his face and the heart of a true leader the 2014 Premier League MVP is Mike Kusy of the Mississauga Hawks.

2014 Premier All-Star Team
Goaltender - Anthony Flores (Metro Orangemen)
Defensemen - Chris Cerqueira (Metro Orangemen)
Defensemen - Gurjeet Gill (Mississauga Hawks)
Forward - Mike Kusy (Mississauga Hawks)
Forward - Paul Duarte (Toronto Thunder)
Forward - Phil Varone (Vaughan Red Wings)

Congratulations to all the members who participated in the 2014 Premier session.

Peter Lorusso
Premier Commissioner

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