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DPBHL All-StarWe are just a few days away from the 5th instalment of the DPBHL All-Star Day. The players have been announced, the coaches named, the teams assembled and now we wait patiently for the teams to battle it out for the ultimate bragging right. This Saturday, January 24 is the date. Here is the schedule of games:

1:00pm: Masters All-Stars vs. Tier 3 All-Stars
2:30pm: Premier All-Stars vs. Tier 2 All-Stars
4:00pm: Tier 4 Sunday All-Stars vs. Tier 4 Weekday All-Stars

We would like to thank our sponsors Coca-Cola, First Line Promotional and Po.10.tial Athletics for their contributions. Po.10.tial Athletics will be in the building promoting their clothing line. Check out their website

All-Star replacement players will be announced shortly and check back all week for more announcements.

We hope to see you all on Saturday. Admission is free so stop by, grab a refreshment and watch the Stars of today Shine!


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